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What is Periodontal Disease?
Commonly referred to as gum disease, it is the main cause of tooth loss in this country. In its early stages, gingivitis, the gum around the neck of the teeth is inflamed and bleeds. If gingivitis is left untreated it may progress to periodontitis, in which not only the gum, but also the underlying bone, which supports the teeth in the jaws, is affected.

The teeth are attached to bone by microscopic fibres, and as the disease process progresses these fibres are destroyed, resulting in a cuff of loose gum around the teeth, called a pocket. This pocket is an indication of the severity of disease. The deeper the pocket, the greater the severity of disease.


Mr Zang, a lecturer, attended from Manchester complaining of the appearance and looseness of his teeth. We completed the following therapy:

  • Gum Program
  • Implant Treatment
  • Cosmetic Makeover

He was overwhelmed with the results. His self esteem has improved tremendously and he can look forward to fixed teeth for many years.

“…. Thank-you for giving me my smile back. I am able to eat and talk with confidence. I love my new teeth. Your professional and caring approach has helped me overcome many fears I had about dentistry…..”

Mrs X complained of the following:

  • Bad breath
  • Loose teeth
  • Difficulty with eating
  • Lack of confidence
  • General low self esteem

We reassured Mrs X and immediately started with a 'gum programme'. We provided sedation for her initial visits to combat her phobia, but eventually she was able to be treated with simple local anaesthesia. The loose teeth were splinted together with a fibre-reinforced ribbon. Mrs X was thrilled with the resultsand continues her maintenance with routine hygiene appointments.

She has fresher breath, no loose teeth and better eating ability. Also, she has a much greater self esteem and self confidence. Mrs X has been stable for 5 years!

"...My life has dramatically changed. My husband was the first to notice he is thrilled with the results. Thank you so much…..”


Bacteria cause periodontal disease. In a healthy mouth various types of bacteria co-exist in balance and cause no harm. However, if the teeth are not brushed adequately, bacteria will work on the food left in the mouth to form plaque. This is a ‘bacterial jam’, which sticks to the teeth. Bacteria use this food to nourish themselves and produce acids, which decay teeth and also cause gum disease. This is a chronic (slow) process, which usually occurs over a period of years. The timescale however varies with each individual.

The effect of the acids is to destroy the fibres around the teeth forming pockets. As deep pockets are extremely difficult to keep clean, a downward spiral of destruction is set-up. Apart from forming pockets the following may also occur:

  • Bleeding swollen gums, painful gums
  • Shrinkage of gum down the tooth
  • Loss of bone supporting the teeth
  • Foul taste in the mouth
  • Foul smell in the mouth
  • Repeated abscesses
  • Bad breath and stale breath
  • Loose teeth. Typically front teeth have a gappy splayed appearance.
  • Tooth loss

Treatment is designed to stabilise the situation. Unfortunately it is largely true that bone, gum and attachment can never be returned to original levels, thus severely compromised teeth can be lost even with treatment.

Life expectancy on average: the UK is ~ 75-80 years of age. It is therefore very important to look after the gums from a very early age to avoid damage to the supporting structures of the teeth. Healthy gums mean a healthy dentition for life.

There is no substitute to your own healthy tooth.

Treatment Aims are to obtain:

  1. Clean healthy mouth
  2. No tartar, or plaque deposits
  3. Pink firm healthy gums which do not bleed or pain
  4. No foul breath
  5. No foul taste
  6. Firm teeth
  7. Teeth which feel and look good
  8. Teeth which last for life

The above are achieved to varying degrees, depending upon the individual person and situation. In this practice the periodontal programme aims to achieve the above.

The Periodontal Programme
The Periodontal Program is not a passive process of the patient receiving treatment. It is a partnership between the dental team and the patient. To gain the maximum benefit both partners must co-operate with each other fully. You +Us = Health.

Objectives We Wish to Fulfil

  • Treat the periodontal disease and gain the benefits listed above
  • Improve the patient’s knowledge of their own dental situation and improve their ability to maintain a healthy oral environment
  • Increase the patient’s motivation
    1. to co-operate with the treatment
    2. to co-operate with and carry out long-term home care
    3. to attend for regular recalls for professional care to help maintain a healthy mouth.

The objectives are achieved specifically in the following way

  1. An appointment with the dentist at which an examination is carried out, the Periodontal Program diagnosed and a treatment plan drawn up.
  2. A planned series of appointments with the hygienist tailored to the patient’s individual needs.
  3. Intensive deep scaling, gingival curretage and root planning( where necessary under anaesthetic).
  4. Measurement of pockets, bleeding, recession, mobility, plaque etc. at the start and end of treatment and improvement measured.
  5. Sometimes the use of powerful antibiotics, which are acting specifically against bacteria causing gum disease.
  6. Intensive individual Oral hygiene instructions ((OHI) and toothbrushing instructions (TBI) etc.
  7. The above will involve a varying number of visits depending upon need. After a review with the hygienist a final review with the dentist is arranged. A recommendation will be made as to the frequency of recalls, i.e., 3 or 6 monthly. An assessment will be made to need for future treatment, emergency or specialist referral.

We have successfully treated many patients with the above methods. The treatment has greatly improved their general well-being, restored their confidence and many have been able to eat at a much higher and more comfortable level.
We would like to re-emphasise that that this treatment will only achieve its best results with proper home-care and regular maintenance visits.

Always remember You + Us = Health

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